Spring At Last

It was a beautiful day!! When I walked outside after work today the feeling of the warm air and sunshine was refreshing. We had had a long winter but Spring is here. I worked the last 4 days so now I am off for the next 5, YEAH!
Above, was my first glimpse of green grass on the farm. The lawn and the back field still have a white lining but there are some visible brown patches. I should not be whining the folks up north were hit the hardest. Channel 13 news said “the blizzard pushed Caribou’s seasonal snowfall to 192 inches of snow, breaking the previous record of 181 inches in 1955. More snow is predicted for this weekend.” That is amazing!
Below is the beginnings of our farm stand. John’s parents gave it to us a couple weeks ago. We will cover it with some type of canopy. I can see it now, the shelves filled with overflowing baskets of vegetables and coolers filled with farm fresh eggs. I have a vision of how to make this happen but I think this year we will learn a great deal by trial and error. We have always grown a good size garden but I think this years’ will be by far the biggest. Especially with plans to do a lot more preserving along with having a small roadside stand. The reason for the stand is not really to make a great sum of money but a way of making a few dollars to feed and maintain the critters. For example, to make our laying hens pay for themselves we will have to sell approximately 3 -4 dozen eggs per week. We plan to keep 36 hens so we will have plenty to sell and still have enough to supply our family with fresh eggs.
This idea came about last fall when the kids and I tied up some cornstalks and gathered up some of our extra squash & pumpkins and put them by the road with a few homemade signs. Luke & Leah were looking to make a few bucks as they were saving up for their goats. They made about $60 in two weeks time. We put an honesty bucket out so that we did not have be home to tend the stand and when we were home we went out to greet our customers. Luke & Leah were always on patrol and yelled out “Customers” whenever anyone even looked like they were going to stop, even the mail lady who actually turned out to be one of our best customers. For a last minute project, it was a great experience for all, especially the kids!

These pictures came out pretty good considering it was pitch dark out and the shed is not equipped with lights yet. I used the “night” mode on my camera.