Despite the Rain

We had an eventful couple days despite the wet weekend. Saturday we had a visit from one of my friends from work, Shirley and her 2 boys. Her youngest was excited by all the animals. Although he had just met us he was ready to spend the day and he let his Momma know he’d be all set right here, it was cute. The funniest part of their visit was when it was time to go. He was out back playing with Luke and we yelled for the boys and he came running with a huge smile and an arm load full of “cow bones” that they had dug up in the garden. Souvenirs from the Achorn Farm.

We sold 16o of our 200 chicks in 2 days. Yeah!
We are talking about selling our partridge and quail as neither are laying eggs, not quite sure why and also we would like to free up some pen space.
Personally, I’d like to keep the quail, they are a beautiful bird, I hear their eggs are very tasty, and they are low maintenance in compared to some of our other critters.
Today was dreary as well, sprinkles to downpour all day. I did not figure we’d be very productive but somehow we managed to get a lot done. Initially planned to go buy some fencing which we do not ever seem to have enough of but then John had a brainstorm. As I was heading out to pick up some diet pepsi (I’m a bit of an addict) he asked me to pick up a burn permit and that is what we did in the rain. We burned lots of brush we had behind the barn which then led to another project. There was this one area above the shed that had not been cleaned in years. The loft area did not even have stairs or a ladder, my curiosity is how I managed to see this scary site. (shortly after we moved here) and 1 year later I decided to tackle this nightmare.
I knew there was some wood up there that could be tossed on the fire and that is how this project was started. It was beyond nasty with like 3 inches of pigeon poop. I had to wear a mask and shower immediately after this clean up project. Nurse John was dry heaving and only able to handle outside clean up taking care of the items I tossed out the window.
As you can see the pictures I did find a few interesting items. The best was a magazine called “Dreft” from 1955, I took a picture of an add before I tossed it. I also had a good laugh at a box cover I found with the picture of the nurse on it, check out her outfit.
Luke has already claimed the loft to be their “club house”.

Looks much better now!