Happy Mother’s Day!

When I was is my teens and early 20’s I swore I’d never have children. And then in a moment I changed my mind. I was 24 and in nursing school. I was doing my maternity rotation and there was a Mom that was in labor and my instructor assigned me to her. I was scared to death! I can remember being worried about interrupting this poor women as she was in distress to get her vital signs. I was very modest and very uncomfortable in this situation having no children of my own. A few hours later I experienced the birth of a baby girl, it was an amazing experience for me and I was overwhelmed with emotion. From that day on I knew that I wanted to have children. After school that afternoon I told John about my experience and announced that after I graduated from nursing school I wanted to start a family and that is just what we did! Being a Momma is one of my greatest accomplishments!

We spent our morning visiting my Mom whom I some times complain about, usually saying “she drives me crazy” but I must say I am grateful to have her, she would do anything for me and she is very special in the eyes of my children. I have also been blessed with a step-mother a mother-in-law that I love dearly!

We spent the afternoon working and playing outside. We mowed, trimmed hooves, went for a walk, caught tadpoles, and enjoyed the rays! It was our first time trimming their hooves. I did Oreo’s and it was very entertaining I wished we had videotaped….I will next time. He was nibbling at me and snorting and John did Annabelle and she just laid there. We are weaning them off from the bottle and tomorrow is the day that their bottle is suppose to be taken away and sadly I don’t know if I can do it, they love their milk. We will see if I cave in the morning. Goodnight & Happy Mother’s Day!