My baby’s 6!

It is hard to believe my little muffin is 6 today. She started her day at the crack of dawn opening up a present from her brother. From there she went off on the school bus with all along singing “are you one, are you two, are you three…..” Then she arrived at school greeted by her classmates. A few hours later Momma made a surprise visit with some cupcakes. I picked her up this afternoon also delivering a jar full of pollywog’s for the class. (I will return return them to the pond in a couple days) They are learning about them now. I know it looks like a lot of presents but mostly I buy practical needed items for the kids birthdays…ok the moon sand isn’t a need to have but John picked that up and you have to have some fun stuff. She received lots of summer clothes and shoes, decorations for her room, earrings, and some crafty stuff. Then we stuffed ourselves with cake. That was kinda silly calorie wise because John and I had just came back from a 3-4 mile trek out back while the kids were in school. The kids & I then went and visited the neighbors because they called with some computer issues and that is always easier help in person. They have 2 little ones 4 & 9, so the kids all have a blast together! We are very fortunate to have them as neighbors. There is one lot between us which is about 100 acres and they own around 50 and somehow our land does abuts which gives us about 150 acres between our two families. They have a dog kennel so I had the chance to go down and walk a few of their dogs which was fun. I am not really dominate when it comes to animal so I had to have Dawn come and rescue me because one dog did not want to return to her kennel and I couldn’t force her in. Their kids came over for a bit and played and had dinner. It is great to have neighbors you can trust so close because we get to do the kid swap on a weekly basis and we all benefit from that.
Lastly, farm agenda…we are getting rid of the quail…the meat birds are getting gianormous, I weaned the goats from the bottle today, and John ordered 60 turkeys…yikes and Luke caught a big frog and Leah had a moment and released it. There was a few tears shed on Luke’s part, Leah said “you have to leave it in it’s natural habitat.”