Suggestions Welcomed!

We took a walk on the back forty. We had a few obstacles but we both made it back dry, thanks to hiking boots! Take a look at the prints below and guess what they are, one of them is easy. We explore out back frequently but I never take my camera because I don’t like to tote it around but this time I did and I must say it opens a whole new arena for photography…exciting!
I am confident that the more I take the better I’ll get.

On to another topic…as you’ve already figured out I go from one thing to another. Sometimes it drives John nuts although I think for the most part he is use to it. He’ll say “hold up I am 3 topics back…how did you get to this subject.” Busy mind or ADD?? That is one of the reasons I do not like watching tv, I channel surf continuously until I cannot stand myself. Moving on..this weekend we are having our annual birthday party for the kids, their birthdays are only a couple of weeks apart so we do a family gathering with a few friends. In past years we have done the pirate theme, Hawaiian party etc. but this year naturally our theme is “down on the farm”. What I want/need from you all is some suggestions for our party. I have the red checkered tablecloths, 1 cool chicken tablecloth, canning jars for drinking containers (as previously seen on the unusually unusual farm chicks blog), clear pitcher for lemonade/ice tea, my soon to be farm stand (wooden one with wheels) for presents and such, overalls, fresh cut flowers in vases. Please if you have more ideas, something I can pull off by Sunday including cake designs (simple but cool), recipes, decorations, game for the kids. I thought about doing an egg treasure hunt with clues getting harder and harder as the age of the child goes up with the kids all getting a small gift certificate to the local book store rather then goodie bags. It will be mostly cousins and the ages range. Last year we let the kids have a bunch of friends over and it was crazy, I about had an MI (heart attack) keeping track of all the heathens. We have too many danger spots 2 ponds, close to the road, so this year we are keeping it simple.
Busy couple days at work! Good night 🙂