Simple Living

I can honestly say that these are some of the best times of our lives! When people ask how things are going, how are the kids I have nothing but good to say. I sometimes worry that life is too good and fear that something will happen and taint this awesome life we’ve been living. Even before we bought this place I didn’t have many complaints about our daily lives but here on the farm it just seems so much better, our lives are so fulfilled. The connection with mother nature is on such a larger scale in so many ways.
In my twenties and my earlier days there was so much I took for granted, so much I thought I knew but really hadn’t a clue. I am glad that I have finally come to realize what is important in life…the simple things. “It is the things in life that are free that matter most”, John always use to say to me. For so long I was striving to make more money and have more material possessions until some time of soul searching passed and I had that … uh huh moment. Looking back I realized John had been telling me these things all along but I just wasn’t listening close enough. I had my own agenda, striving for big things and he was along for the ride although he thought some of my aspirations were a bit on the wild side. My friend Mary spoke once of John and referred to him as “an old soul”. To this day I have always thought that statement was right on. Since we were young John has always known what kind of life he wanted to live, simple. He never cared what others thought, he lead his own path in life. He is an amazing hubby and daddy, we are fortunate to have him in our lives!

When I was mowing I came across this by the duck pond. One lonely wild asparagus spear.
I had heard of wild asparagus but never seen it until yesterday. My neighbor gave us some fresh asparagus last week and when I came home from work one night John said, “Kim, I have a confession to make.” I could not even imagine what he was going to say and he says, “I ate all the asparagus Gary & Dawn gave us.” I was quite entertained by his “confession”. That’s ok John cause Gary snuck me some the other day and it was really tasty. In 3 years we’ll be picking our own, I cannot wait!

I had thought I had scared him off from going knee deep in the pond. Last week I thought he had swimmer’s itch. Turns out I was wrong because the next morning he was fine, I think it was the cleaning soap John used before he took a bath..oops, misdiagnosed by mother….no worse then the time I accidentally cut both sides of the stitch that was in his upper lip leaving it there permanently…good nurse…at least it was my own kid.

Check out the size of him (or her?)

Anyone know what this flower may be?

Last note, me and some friends have started a group blog titled Fit4Life with a focus of exercise & healthy eating. Anyone interested in being a participant let me know and send me your e-mail address and I will give you more detail.

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