Rainy Day

This morning, in the pouring rain we went out to this event meeting Regina & family from Sea2Shore blog once again. Due to the weather we only stayed a couple hours. There were a few speakers I would have liked to stay and heard but we were literally soaked from head to toe despite our rain gear. However, we had the opportunity to listen to a couple who raised Alpine goats. I enjoyed their talk and learned some good stuff about goat rearing, shelter, feeding, and maintenance.
One interesting fact that I learned, goat meat is the most consumed meat in the world.
Did you know that? I went to the farmer’s market last week in hopes to buy some but the goat lady did not have any left. I hear it tastes like deer and cow. John would like to raise Boer goats. I can eat my own turkeys, and chickens, and maybe if we get some meat bunnies but I’m not sure if I could eat my goats? I cannot even imagine munching Annabelle and Oreo. It is a fine line and you have to make that decision before you bring the animal onto your farm, pet or supper?

Cray fish the kids caught in their bait trap. They are going fishing in the morning and I’m sure they’ll catch a big one using these!

Trying to stay dry! This storage bin is now our goaties outside shelter. I wanted to get the goats a large dog igloo to put in their pen but instead John flipped this bin over onto a piece of plywood, cut out a door, and there we have it. A free & recycled goat house…savings of $125!

Pretty flowers I cut off a tree out front. Of course I do not know what they are, imagine that! Thanks to all of your flower identification knowledge so far I know we have Magnolias, Quaker Ladies, and Columbines here on the farm. What might this be?

My boy picked me some wild Irises, how sweet!

I’ve yet to plant the sweet potatoes, maybe tomorrow. Anyone ever grow them before? I’ve read they grow as a vine.

We ended the night with an old movie, Richer or Poorer.