Anyone else feeling exhausted from the endless hours on their homesteads? It seems like on our “days off” we hit the ground running in the morning and it not uncommon to be up washing my floors at midnight. Lately John and I have been overwhelmed with the endless tasks that are on our to do lists….put the pool up (when we ever have a day off together), constant maintenance of the gardens & critters, major construction to stabilize our barn, build a goat pen in the barn for the goats, nesting boxes, broilers to slaughter, endless mowing, cords and cords of wood to haul off the back forty, split, and stack, painting, trim work…must I go on. And did I mention we are going away on a camping trip next weekend. Maybe I can catch up on some reading by the campfire. I look forward to our trip but I dread packing and unpacking.
That’s enough whining for now must get a good nights rest for another looooong day in the ER!