She’s up to no good again!

Today was a crazy day in the ER. I worked out in triage for 12 hours. That is a long time sitting in a small room listening to patients ailments one after another. John called me in the midst of madness and this was our conversation.

John: Hi, where is the thread and needle?
Kim: I don’t know, I’ll have to call you back.
John: Ok, call me right back!
Kim: I will, bye!

15 minutes later…the phone rings in triage and I see it his him again so I pick up.

K: Hello
J: Where did you put the needle and thread, I saw you with it last!
K: I cannot remember, what needs to be sewn so urgently?
J: Callie (aka naughty dog) got a hold of two chickens and I can see the trachea on one, it’s pretty bad.
K: Maybe you should take them out back and…..
J: I think I can save them!
K: I’ll help you fix them when I get home, I’ll call you back I am still with patients.
J: Sorry!

I apologized to the Mom & son I was with and they were looking at me funny so I briefly told them the scenario, although feeling badly about the injuries they were quite amused by our conversation.

John called my cell as I was leaving work to let me know that he had already sutured the chickens filleted necks. He said they just laid there and let him do it with needle and thread and then he applied neosporin.

What to do with the pesky dog that is always causing problems? As the picture above the hens have been jumping on there box them flying over for a brief escape from the pen. They’ve been doing this for a while now and she has never bothered a one.

John told me he’d kill me if I posted this picture but you have to have some fun and I thought it would be appropriate to post with this story. He not only sews up lacerated chicken necks but he can really sew. I am not very good, I have a sewing machine but my buddy Mary has borrowed it for the last 10 years or so. Anyway, I bought a Gap bag at a lawnsale and it had a small rip and handy dandy John sewed it up for me. Quite the man, ain’t he! 🙂