Summer Fun!

Preparing for a messy adventure.

The final product!

I sure am glad we have a shed to do make a mess in.
We all had fun dying anything we could find that was white.

We had 6 colors…red, blue, black, green, yellow, and purple.

We colored 10 t-shirts (I had bought for the kids to split)
7 recycled shirts
1 pr socks
1 pr of shorts
and 2 white blankets
We used up 100% of the color and we had a great time doing it!

A few quick updates:


Level 1 trauma chickens are recuperating. They are eating, drinking and getting about good. Just hoping infection does not set in. John thought the barred rock may have been a little warm. Anyone know what the normal temp is for a chicken? If that is the case we will have to treat her with some antibiotics.
John clipped a bunch of the chickens wings to prevent them from flying over the 4 ft fencing.

Naughty dog fell off the front of the boat as it was idling , she went right under the boat. She was out with John and the kids fishing. She was attempting to bite the water and lost her balance. No injuries sustained.

Cornish Rocks are going in the freezer this week. Not sure yet if we will be doing it or not. If we can find someone on last minute notice we will bring them in, if not we may just harvest them ourselves.

Sick Partrige, one with the eye infection is cured and no longer in quarantine.

Goats think their Houdini. Trimmed their hooves. Need to take some more pictures, they are getting big. I have been researching some Goat Soap recipes, it is going to be a while but it doesn’t hurt to plan ahead.


Planted celery, more corn & cukes, and mulched around plants. Lost some pepper plants. John worked in it more than me!
Made another batch of Rhubarb crisp. I used 3 different recipes and I like the last one I made the best. I am thinking about freezing some Rhubarb. Anyone have good luck with that?
Lastly, I posted a good recipe on our group exercise blog
for Almond-Cherry Energy Bars if anyone is interested.

Pool is going up July 4th, yeah!!!!!