One life ends and a new life begins

One Monday our layers laid their first egg, it was an exciting moment. I had estimated that they would start laying mid June so they were not too far off.
John hurried up and made some nesting boxes and today we had 3 eggs. I was questioning if I might have a little OCD, I checked their boxes 4 times today and would have done it more but my not so manic side was telling me to get a grip.

We have boxes on both sides of their little house.

Last night John slaughtered 9 of the 24 meat birds. It took him 2 hours and saved us about $30.
The kids watched him do a couple of the birds and they were ok with it. I was impressed! I think it is important that they know where the food they are eating is coming from. Those birds had good lives in the fresh air, grazing on green grass with an endless supply of fresh water and feed with shelter to protect them from the weather. A life nothing like that of a store bought chicken.

Not only at home do I see the cycle of life ending and new beginnings but at work. In the ER we try to avoid seeing life begin by catching a quick elevator up to OB with the laboring Momma but times of death are not an uncommon event. The last shift I worked my day began by helping another nurse do PM (post-mortem) care and then put this middle-aged individual into that infamous white bag. Every time I have to do this I always say out loud or to myself, isn’t this sad how we all end, in the hands of people that don’t know you, do not know your story in life, and then into that damn white bag and off to some cold room, then for a ride in a long black car to be prepped for display, then into the ground.
Just doesn’t seem right! I’m thinking I’d like to be towed off like Grampa did in the movie “Little Miss Sunshine”. Bust me out of the hospital and place me in the back of the van, bring me to be cremated and then bring me right back to the farm and stash my remains below a garden in my memory.
Sound good, I think so. I hope it is not for a while though because I have way too much to do, hee, hee. I will not be in blog world until next week we are packing and headed up North camping. Have a great weekend all!