He Thinks His Tractor’s Sexy

I do too! We are very excited to have this. It is not your traditional “John Deere”, it is called a Nortrac. Something we could afford, it came at a fraction of the cost of the big name tractors that we would have loved to purchase. For attachments we have a rototiller, a bush hog, and a box blade and it came with a bucket. We really found that it was impossible to maintain this land without it and we needed equipment a little hardier than the 4 wheelers to haul wood with since it is mostly all on the back forty.

Gardens are coming along as you can see on the side bar of my blog. So far I’ve been able to keep up and I have given some garden goods away. Yesterday I made several jars of refrigerator cukes but with zucchinis since my cukes have yet to sprout. A few jars of dill and a couple sweet and the last jar was my own concoction. The last jar will probably be the best and you know I’ll never be able to recreate them. I also made pesto for a first with garlic and basil from the garden. John and I liked it but the kids were not impressed. I’ve used up all my herbs so last night I planted some more cilantro and dill along with more lettuce and lavender which I’ve never grown before. I’m hoping to open up my garden stand by the end of July when things are coming faster than I can preserve and the egg production is up. We are up to 10-12 eggs per day.