Stocking up

I made some zucchini relish. I had a great recipe for some last year and I misplaced. I found the recipe for this batch on -line, I hope it comes out as well. It seemed like it called for a lot of sugar. Anyone have any good zucchini relish recipes to share?

John brought the remaining meat birds to the butcher, he did the first batch himself. He said our birds were the nicest cared for there and even the butcher made a comment .
These birds weighed in at 7-9 lbs.

Our first beans of the season. I am looking to borrow a pressure canner to do some up. If not I will freeze and sell all we harvest.
First buttercup squash of the season, one of my favorite vegetables.
Pickled eggs, John loved them! We are up to approximately 18 eggs/day