Tid Bits

Isn’t the size of that critter just amazing. Luke found him in the garden. Please excuse his dirty little hands!

The garden stand has been a success so far with customers each day. It has been fairly easy to maintain and the kids have been right into it. I think it is a good lesson for them to learn about making money and as they get older if they are interested they can expand on this idea.

This weekend I had seriously contemplated attending a local kneading conference

and could have participated at discounted rate under a farmers scholarship. Instead I knew we could use the cash so I earned some money by picking up an extra shift rather than spending more. I regret that I was not able to attend but my plan is to learn a bit about bread making on my own and next year I will attend this event. I am currently reading/skimming through a library book called Bread Alone. I may attempt to make a loaf over the weekend without using my bread machine.

Lastly, I want to make reference to a blog I came across the other day called Seasons Eating Farm . I only had time to read a few posts but if you have interests of chickens and eggs this article was very informative.

Todays egg count was 20!!! Have a great weekend all! 🙂