Sprouts & Taters

I finally scooted over to Johnny’s to buy a bioset as seen on Angie’s blog Children in the Corn. It works great for sprouts, edibles in 3 days. I tried the canning jar method in the past and the results were some stinky rotted seeds, not pretty!
This was about $15, I received a slight discount because it did not have a box. I sprouted alfalfa, broccoli (esp for spouting), and mung beans. I like the alfalfa the best and ate them mostly on salads but the mung beans ended up in the compost pile. Not quite sure how to prepare/eat them, I have heard in rice? Any suggestions sprout eaters?
John harvested our potatoes, this was the best batch yet. We have approx 3 picking baskets full. Is one basket considered a bushel?
So I need a screen name for this hard working farm man. Although John is a good name I need something a little spicier, don’t you think? Ree at The Pioneer Woman
refers to her hard working husband as Marlboro Man, check out her blog if you have not yet. It is a hoot. They live on a working cattle ranch, she home schools, she is a great photographer, and she is entertaining!