Haying Time

A couple weeks ago they started haying our back field. The end of July and a good part of August it seems as though it rained every day here in maine. The farmer was not able to hay because of the wet weather so harvest came late, I question the quality of the hay. As part of the deal when we bought this place we are to allow the previous owner (well..his farmer friend) to hay the field for 5 years, this is year #2… 3 to go. I tried to get him to agree on a 3 year deal but he did not go for it and I was willing to do anything to get this place.

The results were 45 round bales. Last year the going price around here was $60/bale.

I think they made out ok, that calculates out to $2,700. That is ok because I used those figures to put our land into farm land and it saved us about $1,000 on our taxes.

We kept two bales, not sure that is good enough for my goats to eat but it will make great bedding for the critters.

Davie Crockett?

My brother in-law built this door, isn’t is sweet? Maybe I can get my Maine Man to build me one. I’ll give credits to farm mom for helping me pick out a screen name for John, don’t ya like it?