Tid Bits

Kiddos started school last week. Exciting for them and us.

This hen escapes from her pen every morning and heads for the barn to lay and egg at the top of our sawdust pile.

The turkeys are free ranging for now and enjoying the final days here on the farm.

I have dehydrated a couple batches of tomatoes so I will be looking for some recipes come fall.

Our goat Oreo has been very sick with what I initially thought was bloat. I was treating him with pepto, and belly massage as suggested by my breeder. At first he was more active and the girth of his abdomen seemed to go down. Yesterday he took a turn for the worse and John called me at work. I called a local vet that was willing to take a look at him, with some resistence John brought him in. (remember he is real frugal and the thought of spending money on a “farm animal” nearly sent him over the edge) Oreo was found to have what they believe is an impacted rumen. They took an x-ray, placed an oral tube and gave him some mineral oil which we are to continuing to do and if it does not resolve the only other option is surgery which they say does not have a good success rate. Oreo is Luke’s goat and his cat Annie was hit by a car last week. 🙁 I guess that is how it is on a farm. There is life and there is death. We are hoping for the best but it is not looking good. Thanks to Amy whom gave me advice and suggested the mineral oil, and yogurt, you were right on!