On A Happier Note

Meet “Smores”. Luke named him before we loaded him in the truck.
He is 3 months old.

Initially Annabelle was not impressed but I think he’s grown on her.

John is getting good use of his tractor.
I thought there was lots of work before but now is the rush to get stuff taken care of before the frost, this is Maine so it could be any day.

Yeah, the pigs are out of the barn! John and the neighbor bought a bunch of fencing from a local animal shelter that relocated. They sold most of it, both making a little cash and they made enough to feed their pigs until slaughter.
Between the pigs and the chickens our waste here is minimal and I love it. The chickens enjoy overgrown zucchini and cukes sliced in half and the pigs like rotten tomatoes and whatever scraps we may have from the house. It is a great cycle I feed you, you feed me.
The neighbors girl named them Obama & McCain. Can’t tell she comes from a family that is right into politics.

Life has been busy with the kids starting school, work, preserving. I am looking forward to the cold days of cuddling up on the couch with a good book. I am excited that going into the winter we will be able to enjoy some of our summer’s bounty. This is really the first year I have ever put up any amount of food. We are getting well over 2 dozen eggs a day and tonight I just made another batch of pickled eggs. They are so easy to make and they are a yummy, nutritious, filling snack.

On a final note we went to the local fair and Luke entered a hubbard squash and a pumpkin and received two 2nd place ribbons and a check for $1.50 and Leah entered a big pumpkin and won 1st place and a check for $25.00 for the biggest squash weighing in at 80lbs.
We can’t wait for next years fair! 🙂

Check out the TRIPLE yoker!