A big thanks to Angie at Children in the Corn
for passing this award on too me and the rule is to pass it on.
There are lots of blogs out there I enjoy but here are just a
few that I will pass it on to.

* Wiked Awesome Parenting
because she makes me laugh out loud.

* Coast Rat because his kind heart and volunteer efforts blow me away.

* Country Boy because he is my son and why wouldn’t I love his blog.

* Living The Road Less Traveled because Jodi is a beer drinking Mainer (oh yeah and a sweet little Momma)

* Throwback at Trapper Creek
because Nita is a wealth of knowledge, I always learn something new when I read her posts.

P.S. No obligations to pass this along!

Also another thanks to Angie at Children in the Corn for mailing this out to John all the way from Michigan. Maybe we can tackle this project over the winter because it is looking like we could really use it sooner than later. Not a good fall project because nothing gets done in the fall because “It’s hunting season.”

Also thanks to City Girl for the pears, as you can see we ate a bunch before I could take a picture. They are so yummy!! We ate lots as is and I made a pear crisp last night. Thanks again! City Girl is a regular commenter on my blog (and personal buddy). I have been trying for months to get her to start her own blog. She has agreed to be a guest blogger here and share some of her secrets to saving money at the grocery store. I am still waiting for her post. No pressure Amy!

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Monday update: I have been doing cardio 2-3 times a week and finally picked the weights back up. TRYING to watch what I eat and cut back on diet pepsi ( I’m an addict). Attempting to eat more homemade/whole foods and less processed junk.

I am behind on reading others blogs and responding to comments. Sorry 🙁
Took about 150 pictures this weekend….I will be sharing when I have more time!