For A Good Cause!!!

This past weekend we were blessed to have the opportunity to go to a benefit for Pine Tree Camp. “Pine Tree Camp offers Maine children and adults with disabilities an extraordinary summer camp experience.”
I encourage you to click on this link and watch the video, I cried through most of it.

This boy above along with his dad and many other volunteers are what make this is event happen. This was their second annual gathering. Last year they used the money towards a tree house (wheel chair accessible…pictures below) and this years money is going towards a playground.

Isn’t that AWESOME??

I could resist taking a picture of this shelf that was in the tree house, it is built of birch, isn’t it cool? I want one!

Even a clown!

The kids loved her!
A fishing pole
John’s niece was there with her friend

This is one of the t-shirts they had, the boy to the left is the boy in the first picture.
I wanted to buy one but there was no more in my size 🙁

Below is a picture of one of my Best Buds from high school, Miki. She is ALWAYS doing something to help someone out! She was one of the volunteers who made this day happen.

Nice glasses Bud!
A dance group came out and performed Annie, it was a hoot!

My favorite picture…. Dad and his boy.

A chicken

Miki brought out their beagle pups they were a hit. We begged and pleaded with our Maine Man but he said “NO” 🙁

We will volunteer with next years event. We had a great time!