Open for Business

John set up the stand once again. We sold about $80 worth over the weekend. We had an honor system vegetable stand for 6 weeks during the summer taking in $50-$60/week. It was a learning experience but I think we will do again next summer. I realized quickly that selling veggies is not a huge money maker and does require some effort. I hope that as the kids get older they may take it over. It will be a good experience for them and a way to make some money. It is also nice to chat with the locals and a good way to get rid of extra produce. We also sell eggs on a regular basis when we have extra at $2.00/ dozen. We put them out in a cooler by the road with a sign. The cooler is always empty within a few hours. All these little things we do helps to pay for grain for all the critters.

We had an eventful weekend carving pumpkins and cooking the seeds….
….painting pumpkins. I am am working on a witch one, pictures to come.
Leah’s ghost

I forgot to mention we sold all those chicks right after I posted the OMG we have 200 chickens post. We have 30 left that will be in the freezer in a few weeks.