Sleeping Beauty

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this. She was sleeping with her stuffed chipmunk in her shirt.

The weather has been cold here in Maine with heavy frosts in the mornings so we decided to bring the girls in the barn. They were in 2 seperate coops and and we had made previous attempts to intergrate with no luck. They are territorial and can be downright nasty to one another. It took a bit for them to adjust but they are all good now. Above is a Leah’s old doll house (that she never used) converted into a laying box with a few minor adjustments the girls are now laying there. The fencing was leftover pieces we had hanging around.
Meet our new additions, Cookie & Gretta.

Back to the naughty chickens…last Friday John butchered 30 meat birds, so he thought. Long story short, one had jumped out and was found the next day. Initially I thought “lucky bird” until a few of the others chickens picked on him so bad that I had to kill it. For the first time John was not availabile to do the dirty deed, so it was left to me. Initially I was a bit distraught and called my neighbor for advice. He had several suggestions for me and I opted to use the kids BB gun to put this poor bird out of misery. Another thing to add to my list of firsts for the year. 🙁

On a final note an article about China’s recent scare, tainted eggs. Another reason to grow your own and/or buy local.