Why I Love My Munchkins!

Cat and Fencer

We went into I-party, they had a $20 limit for each of them. I told them to think outside the box. Don’t buy a kit. Be original or unique and we left spending $10 total, I was pleased!
Leah is original being a kitty, excuse the paint job I messed with it several times before leaving the house because somebody couldn’t keep her paws off. Luke, I’d say unique! He received many compliments for his costume.

I love that our children… are genuinely happy individuals

I love that our children…are conscious of others when they make decisions.

I love that our children…are content to just be together as a family.

I love that our children…are imaginative, self entertaining, resourceful, appreciative, and independent. (Most days)

Recent Conversations/Situations

~Me: “Look around at the coats, if you do not see something you like we can go to other stores.”
~Luke: “I like this one! How much is it? (Looks at tag) It is $25, if it is too much I don’t have to get it.”

~Luke: “The only thing I want for Christmas is a guitar, you don’t have to buy me anything else.”

~Luke and Leah over the weekend set up a “candy store” for John and I to purchase our fixes. Nicely laid out on their desk. Today I walk over to the temptations and I see the closed sign is up.

~Over the weekend we had lobster for dinner ($3.99/lb) the kids were so delighted you would have thought they just got an X-box or something.

Sorry for the brag moment…it is not always peaches and cream!