Ugggg, more goat problems! Smores has stones! I’m think it is from his feed although we cut back after the last bad experience. Whethers (fixed males) are also more likely to get them. I have changed his grain to meat goat grain as recommended by the Vet and he is to get 1/4 cup a day total along with unlimited hay.
John told me so, “don’t get another whether” and I didn’t listen. I always learn the hard way. I was impulsive and wanted to mend my boys heart asap buying a replacement for Oreo. Thankfully after our previous goat experience I recognized the problem and he was treated immediately.

Bob and his girls are now keeping house in the barn. Their sweet little Momma opens the barn door at noon every day and sets them free for an afternoon of free ranging.
They do not always return to their laying boxes when their free ranging, so there is no getting out of jail until they pay their dues.


Barn Animals: (We have downsized for the winter) We are down to 2 goats, 4 pigs (ones the neighboors), 32 layers, 1 duck

Garden: I have 4 turnips left to pull and John planted 3 types of garlic.

Kitchen: I have been doing lots of cooking with some of my favorites being : blueberry zest, turkey stew, and blueberry pound cake. John is really loving my cooking too. How does that old saying go? “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Right, well I can think of another body part but we’ll save that for another time!

I am in love with my stocked freezers, our root vegetables, and my canned goodies. I hope to get a pressure canner by next summer and plan to put up even more food next season. I learned lots this year by trial and error and from my fellow bloggers.

Weather: We have had lots of rain here in Maine over the last couple weeks. Today we had SNOW flurries intermittently! The wood stove had some rest for a couple days only:(
We MUST clean the chimney this week!

Gas prices: We are at $2.20 in our small town. I am sure we will be back up near $5.00 again by next summer, they are just playing us.

Pajama Tale – I have never believed much in Pj’s although they are my FAVORITE attire! (Ok, except for baby PJ’s, I couldn’t resist those!) To me it is not necessary to go out and spend a fortune on “LL Bean” PJ’s for the entire family.
Yoga pants, sweats, t-shirts/sweatshirts, WHATEVER’s comfy! I usually buy the kids some Pj’s for their b-day and Christmas but that’s about it. Luke says to me tonight “You know, the kids at school do not do what we do for pj’s. ” I say “what do they do, wear only bought pajamas? He says, “yes”. I asked him if that made him feel bad that we were different and he said “no”. Then I proceed to say “We are not like other people, and that is ok, we lead our own path.”
Then I asked him if he were to have to choose to have more pajamas, more toys/games with a Mom & Dad that worked more or would he rather have less and make due with a Mom and Dad that was home lots and he choose the life we live. He’s my boy!