Great White Hunters

Good news, I have My Maine Man back!

Now it is my turn take a few strolls out in to the wood searching for the infamous “White Tail”. I am not much of a hunter but I usually go out a few times a year because I know it makes John happy. Back in my 20’s I took a hunter’s safety course and John took it right along with me although he did not need it. I vividly remember how much the instructors razed me because I was of the opposite sex. Before buying this place John always purchased my annual hunting license. Now I get to hunt with a land owners permit and the sweetest part about that is, there are No costs involved and I can shoot buck or doe if I ever get the opportunity.

In years to come both of our kids will be able to take advantage of their lifetime hunting, fishing, and archery licenses.

Anyway, this is probably the 8 or 9th season I have went out but I’ve yet to see a deer while I am hunting until TODAY! I must say I was a LITTLE EXCITED! We were both off and I had plans: cleaning house, heading the gym, and picking up a few groceries until John started hinting around that he wanted to take me out hunting. I must admit, I really had NO interest in going out back and freezing my toots off to come back empty handed as ALWAYS! (That is nobodies fault but my own because I do not put my time in.) So I bundled myself up and went towards the back forty. Just a few minutes after I got to my designated area I heard something. A deer ran just in front of me through the brush. I stood up, took my gun off safety (heart beating about 200 beats per minute) and then I did not know what to do. My gut instinct was to run after the deer as it looked like it might be heading for the field but I froze for fear that the right thing was to stay still which I had already screwed up on. Regardless it was exciting and I feel now that I do have hope and with a bit more effort I may shoot one some day.

I am glad that I blew off my initial plans and instead went out hunting with John. It was refreshing to feel the cool fall air against my cheeks, take notice of the different scents in the air, and admire the change in scenery since the last time I was in the woods . As I sat quietly I noticed so much more than I do when I am out for a walk. I was aware of every breath I took, the nest in the tree, the sound of the wind, the trees rubbing against one another, some birds chattering from a distance. SO SERENE!

We also had a good laugh. Before we headed out I pumped myself with some diet pepsi. ( I know I said in a previous post I quit but…I fell off the wagon) Caffeine goes right through me so we had to make a few pit stops. I successfully made it through the first but the second stop did not go so smooth. I am cold-blooded so I wear LOTS of layers. I took off my orange vest, camo jacket, wool sweater, hooded sweatshirt all to undo my overalls (which are the ONLY pair of pants that I can fit long john’s under), to pull down my camo pants, overalls, and long john’s all to just briefly relieve myself (if I was only a guy). A second later John says “your gonna pee on your straps” followed by the snap of the branch that I was holding onto and I fell backwards somehow catching myself but in a very awkward position. We both bellowed out in laughter and my Maine Man held out his hand and assisted me back to my feet.