Making Earrings 101 & GIVEAWAY

Supplies needed: sterling silver hooks, sterling head pins, sterling silver balls, needle nose pliers,
small wire cutters, glass beads.

I order all my silver products from Fire Mountain
Sometimes I get beads from there but I get most of them through local craft stores.

1st step : gather your supplies

2nd step: Assemble to your liking. I often use this pattern but there are tons of variations. I sometimes photocopy peoples earring, cut pictures out of magazines, or just peak around the www for ideas.

3rd step: Cut your head pin. Length is crucial and curl the wire. (I suggest practice with cheap stainless head pins) See the video of Maine Man doing this below. He helps me with this too, aren’t I spoiled to have such an all around man? He does everything from slaughtering the chickens, laundry, and yes helping me make earrings.
That always drives my buddy Mary crazy because she does her own cutting and curling. She’s just jealous! 😉

While I am talking about Mary she is the one who deserves ALL credit for this post as she was the one who introduced me to this. She is the “Martha” of earring making. She has 2 kilns and does all kinds of fancy stuff with fused and dichroic glass. Here’s a picture of us a couple years ago when she got married. We go WAY BACK, we’ve been best friends for 20 years. I was the rebel kid that moved next door. She is more like a sister and let me tell you I had some dirt of her in that diary that went up in flames.
Ain’t she cute? The bitch, I mean my buddy still gets carded. That ceased years ago for me.

When I am making earrings I often use an egg carton to put them into after they are assembled just to keep parts together and earring pairs matched up.
This is an earring I have from years ago that I saved. I want to make a pair using silver. I just bought some beads similar to. I just need some wire to wrap with.

These are a real easy pair to make, just add a hook. I bought the pewter fish pieces through fire mountain. They could be yours just leave a comment and let me know which one is your first choice and I’ll mail them to you if you get picked.

These are already spoken for but I am going to the craft store this morning to get some more and as soon as my Fire Mountain order arrives with my headpins I’ll mail you out a pair if you prefer these. I made these for a friend at work and she wore them ALL the time and says she got tons of compliments until she lost one. She begged me to make her another one “All I want for Christmas is…” is really how she put it and of course Santa came through. If these are the earrings you choose you will get them but there will be a delay. I am a woman of my word!

Choose from the 2 pair of earring just above, leave a comment with your e-mail or check back in to see if your the lucky one.
Giveaway deadline…..THANKSGIVING EVE at Midnight! Off to my nieces 1st birthday party!