I am Thankful For…

I am thankful for… Angie at Children in the Corn and Linda at A Truckers Wife.

They both presented me with the butterfly award. I am also thankful for the Hot Blog award handed over from my other blogging friend, Grey Wolf at Two Old Cripples.

If I wasn’t so stinking pooped and stuffed from today’s events I’d pass these along BUT since I like to break rules I will just end it in saying YOU ALL have wonderful blogs!

There are many blogs I read although I do not have time to visit them daily. I do catch up and read back whenever I get a chance. I read an array of blogs from homesteading, hunting, self-sufficiency, animal loving, parenting, and even some that are somewhat religious (although I am not the least bit religious per se. I do believe in prayer and God) I just don’t get into following what one group feels is the “right way”. I have my own beliefs and my own way of doing things. I do not need to go to church and kneel on the benches when I can go in my back garden and kneel on soft dirt while reflecting on my life. To me the outdoors is my chapel. Don’t mean to rant, just my opinion! (Too many years in catholic school) What I am getting at is that we all are so different but we all bring something to the table and there is so much to learn from one another. That is what I love most about blogging!
Since I started blogging in March I have done and tried so many new things. I contribute it to the new path I’ve taken in my my life along with all the new things I’ve learned from my blogging friends . I just want to say… Thanks for being REAL. Thanks for the SUPPORT you all offer in hardships. Thanks for the ADVICE you give and Thanks for sharing all of your great IDEAS.
There are many more things I am thankfull for, my family, my friends, this farm, my health, but I share that with you throughout the year and today I thought would be a good time to show my gratitute to my fellow bloggers.

On a final note, THE WINNERS of my giveaway are…….SARAH so girl you best be going to get your ears re-pierced because those fish earrings will be headed your way via snail mail and MANDIE those colorful earring are all yours but there will be a slight delay as I am waiting for my headpins to arrive. If you both leave me a comment with your e-mail addresses I will contact you asap.