No Sew Blankets

Isn’t she sweet? My niece turned 1 last week and Luke and I made her a “no sew” blanket.
Good thing it did not require sewing because my friend Mary has had my sewing machine for the last 8 years or so because of my lack of patience to operate the darn thing. I know where it is if I ever develop any patience (highly unlikely). I made the kids a bigger version of these blankets 2 years ago and they may be getting a couple new ones shortly but we will keep that hush, hush for now. I learned how to do this from my c0-worker Pam and to refresh my memory this time around I did a Google search and there are a couple good sites with pictures.

Supplies needed:

~2 pieces of fleece, one plain colored and the other with a pattern
(2 yards of each)

~ good pair of scissors – I bought some new ones and they are now in hiding from the kids

~ 4″ square cut out of cardboard

You will need a big area to work. The above blanket is only made out of 1 yard because she is just a little tike so I was able to make it on the table but the 2 yard blankets I make on the floor.

Step 1 : Lay fabric out wrong sides facing together.

Step 2 : Using the cardboard as a measuring tool cut a 4″ square out of all 4 corners.

Step 3: Pick a side to start with. Fold back material to that 4 ” depth and go down sides cutting 1″ strips (I just eyeball it, this blanket is very forgiving). I cut all 4 sides before knotting.

Even the kitties love these blankets!

Get the idea?

WARNING: Injuries may occur in the making of this blanket!
See those band aids on my boys thumb? Fleece burn from knotting.

Step 4: Start knotting the 1″ strips.

There you have it!
1 no-sew blanket. Total cost $9.50
Everyone loves them, GREAT GIFT for ALL AGES!!

P.S. I am way behind on comments I will catch up shortly I promise!
Upcoming post on wreath making.