Thanksgiving Funnies

Can you even imagine being so obsessed that you would put this on the back of your pickup?
We were driving behind this vehicle on Thanksgiving night and I couldn’t help but take a picture.

On Thanksgiving morning this is what I found in the cracked corn.
The kids decided to capture him and place them in there catch and release tank.
As we were preparing the tank Leah was “suppose” to be standing guard.

Suddenly we heard a loud screech come from the barn so Luke and I went running expecting to find that the mouse had bitten her. She hysterically described how it climbed up her arm into her pj’s went across her back and then back down her other sleeve. We laughed so hard we had tears running down.

That night the kids went to check on “cheese” and said he was sleeping. A little while later I went out with flashlight and discovered cheese was not sleeping but dead. I’d stay the stress of it all?? It was either that or the cat would have taken him out.