Waking up your Senses

Maine Man has been asking me for some time to learn how to make shampoo. After a bit of googling I finally made it happen. I have made 2 batches so far and the kids and MM like it.
~I heated 16 oz. of distilled water (I would think tap water would suffice)
~Added 2 tea bags (cranberry pomegrate)
~Let it seep for 30 minutes and then removed tea bags
~Added 8 tablespoons of castile pepermint soap
(In the second batch I added a dash of olive oil)
The consistency is watery but the smell and the cool clean feel of the pepermint make up for it.
Here is one of the sites I referenced.
Total costs approximately .75/16 oz bottle.
While researching I found many great sites about the multiple uses of castille soap.
Here is one I’d like to share. This site interests me most because of the recipe for the laundry detergent at the very bottom. It is similar to the one I use but instead of Fels Naptha it calls for castile soap and it has baking soda in it. What I’ve missed most of store bought detergent is the scent. I love yummy smelling stuff but it costs too much to add essential oils to a few gallons of detergent. Fortunately, castile soap comes in many scents and may be the answer I’ve been looking for. I will definetly experiment with this and report which I like best.
Here is another informative site from Green Living Tips.

I also made soap for the VERY FIRST time and I am SO EXCITED!

I followed the recipe that I saw at From My Homestead here is the link. What I liked MOST: It was SO EASY! I used lemon eucalyptus essential oil and it smells HEAVENLY!


5 simple ingredients: water, olive oil, oatmeal, lye, and essentail oils me

If you to are a beginner soap maker THIS is great soap recipe to follow. I used a mixer to combine the ingredients because I did not have a blender. I have read that immersion blenders work great for mixing too.

I guess the scariest part for me was working with the lye. I took precautions, wearing gloves, protective eyewear, and I made it in the shed (away from the kiddos and with room to run in case of an explosion.)

Despite all my worries I pulled it off without incident.

Anyone have any soap recipes they’d like to share?