Come On Maine Man

I did not plan on posting tonight, trying to catch up on others but I had to write this.

We are sitting up in bed, our nightly ritual.

Kids are sound asleep, house is QUIET.

MM is reading a book or a magazine.

I (CG) am on my lap top, writing out Christmas cards, organizing my to do list and calendar (always multitasking)

Some how ice cream gets mentioned. Yum….I start brainstorming.

CG: Well, we do have some vanilla ice cream out in the shed’s freezer.

MM: Yeah.

CG: Why don’t you go make us some sundaes?

MM: eye roll

CG: C’mon, it’ll be good, I’m starving. Put some hot fudge (heat it), cool whip, lots, and some walnuts or almonds.

MM: okay

10 minutes later

my mouth drooling as I await our hot fudge sundaes

MM: Here you go!

CG: (disturbed look on my face) Are you kidding me? What happended to the hot fudge, cool whip??

MM: It’s hot fudge, the ice cream is cold and the sauce is warmer.

CG: This is butterscotch (COLD) with bananas and cherries (ewww, I never did like banana splits) and walnuts, no cream

MM: Belly aching after eating two banana splits.

WHAT’S UP WITH THAT? Next time he asks for a coffee with cream and sugar he’s getting tea with honey.

….Whining over!