Wreath Making

Gather your supplies. Wire, wire cutters, brush cutters, and bases for the wreath. I have a bunch that I bought years ago that I reuse year after year. Much easier than making it on a metal clothes hanger. When we go tipping we cut the tips off the tree at about 6 inches.
Stack 4-5 and start wrapping with wire.
Then move down a bit, overlapping and wrap your next. Note that pink braclet I’m wearing, story behind it to follow in a future post.
Easy! Done in just a few minutes. Decorate to you liking. I keep it simple with just a bow but this year I added a few battery powered lights we had in our decoration box.
Looks better with the lights off but I had to use my night mode so you could see.
I have made wreaths for over 10 years. Every Christmas it was a tradition that I made my grandparents one along with a few other friends and relatives. They were always so grateful! After they died (still a tender topic for me even though it’s been a few years) I only make a couple up. I guess I just lost my enthusiasm about them. I made one other wreath for the “horse people” as MM calls them in trade for several loads of manure John loaded onto the tractor a few weeks back.

I finally broke down and bought some vodka and made some vanilla extract. I wanted to start by making a small batch. I used 1/3 of a fifth of vodka, 2 vanilla beans (cut an half with seed scraped out and placed in jar in addition to beans). In 2 months it will be ready….another first.