It’s the simple things in life that make you smile

A flock of wild turkeys in the back field

McCain in nice little packages.
My daughter’s wish box from school.

I almost shed a tear.
I often remind the kids how lucky we are.

My boy’s homemade birthday card to his best friend.

I asked him what he wanted to buy for him and he said, “snowpants, he doesn’t have any and he will need some or he won’t be able to play on the play ground.” (Pretty thoughtful for an 8 year old) That is just what we bought him along with an animal book and matching winter hats (that was their favorite gift). We even baked him a cake and then we went skating…….

These picks are from 2 weeks ago when it was just the kids and I. One of my friends just happened to be there for a birthday party, she took a few shots of us. It was the first time the kids ever ice skated inside. For the last 2 years we have skated on the pond but it is not the same. I saw a big difference in their skating, especially Leah. The first time there she did not want to let go of my hand. Last Sunday she was skating with a chair and buzzing around the rink like a pro skater (minus the chair). She looked up at me and said, “ok Mom, you can go now.” I said “what, like skate away from you”. She said “yeah, let me skate alone”. Little shit, 6 years old and she’s shooing her Momma away. The teenage years should be INTERESTING!

I went skating often as a child. Skating was one of my fondest childhood memories. I went to both indoor arenas and an outdoor arena on “Sand Hill”. (only the locals know where that is) When I was young it was purely for fun and play and as I got older it was to see the boys. 🙂
I remember longing to be a figure skater when I grew up. I guess it’s a good thing I moved on to wanting to be a nurse because I am not that gracious.

On a final note. ALL my wrapping is DONE!!!!!!! Celebration….I locked myself in the wood stove room with beer and a radio last night. Now we have the weekend to bake, make crafts, listen to Christmas music and ENJOY!
Yeeeee HA, can you tell I am excited?