The Best Things In Life Are Free ~Sunday Still Challenge~

This weeks Sunday Stills Challenge theme is “What brings you luck.” Well that was a hard for me because I am not very superstitious. Well maybe a little, I do carry a picture of my late grandfather in my wallet. I wore his “lucky long john’s” and I did see a deer while hunting this fall.
He did buy me a stethoscope when I graduated from nursing school that I flip out when I misplace. We do have their kitchen table which means the world to me but those items would make for a lame photo session. So, I tweaked the theme to “what makes me feel lucky”. I feel fortunate to own our land.

I put on my boots, grab my camera, mp3 player, and the dogs (notice that is plural) and we are off. The snow is deep in the middle and we’ve yet to pack a trail with our snomobile so I walk close to the wood line.
There is tons deer sign. They are bedding all up our wood line and they have been munching on MM’s food plot. Where were they this fall?

I know what a nut, taking a picture of deer poo. This post is about photography and what a good, detailed shot.

The blind looks a little different this time of the year compared to spring. It was foggy all day. The temp was up to 60 degrees today, very unusual for December in Maine.

Our land is surrounded by old fencing and rock walls. Even the back forty (the wooded area). Years ago it used to be pasture. I cannot imagine having livestock so far from the house. Our land goes back approximately 1 mile.

About 3/4 of the way back of our field the main snowmobile trail goes through. Since the trail on the back forty is not packed down this is where we walked. Well, I walk/jogged, Callie ran!

This is the newest addition to the farm, not quite a farm dog. Her name is Rona (her previous owner says it is short for Corona). I think I’ll call her Ramona. She is a 4 year boxer. Same EXACT deal as how we obtained Callie. Phone call from the neighboors (kennel owners). Customer is going through a divorce and they are looking for a good home. I asked MM and he didn’t say no right away so I offered to dog sit for a night then decide. She passed the test and is staying. She is SWEET as ever. She’s a keeper!