Color is the daily bread of the Eyes-Sunday Stills Challenge

This weeks photo challenge theme is sunrise/sunset . Ed said “let’s see some color.” Up until a minute ago when I went over to the challenge blog I had just read the color part and not the title that included the theme sunset/sunrise. Oops, little minor detail I missed. I did not just take these pictures because I am trying to avoid downloading any more photos until I (John) gets my computer straightened out.

I have been trying to free my computer up of some 2,000 pictures I took this past year. No wonder my desktop has been so dang slow. I recently did a system restore and screwed it all up so now my kodak program and burner are not in sync. Thankfully, I had burned up until September so I am downlading the latter 3 months on to shutterfly….time consuming!

These two pictures were the pictures I planned to post when I thought the theme was “color”…hello. I love this one of Leah I took in May out by the frog pond. Animated expression (that’s my girl) and the look of the sky.

Happy to say that my trim work will probably be going up faster than I anticipated thanks to my brother and MM. I have been doing a bit of research on-line to get some ideas but have not found what I am looking for. I want a rustic look as this is an old farm house and we are hard on stuff so we need lumber that is forgiving. I was thinking pine around the windows, doors, etc and maybe rough cut lumber/ship lap half walls in the dining room/kitchen. In the living room if the budget allows I would like a 1/2 wall of bead board painted white (wainscoting I guess it is) and the same stuff to trim around the fireplace. Any thoughts, suggestions, pictures you may have, or web sites? I am so excited because I will be able to decorate like I want with real curtains (not cheap mini blinds) and I can plaster my walls with pictures…..yeah…I am SO excited!
Before and after pictures of this old farm may be here quicker than I thought.

The kids are back to school in the morning. They have had a great vacation even though we did not venture very far from the homestead. We are ALL homebodies. We did make it to the movies to see Bedtime Stories with Adam Sandler, great movie!
I hope to do my next post on root cellaring….our successes and failures.