Angie at Children in the Corn tagged me to go to my 4th picture folder and pick out the 4th picture. Seeing how I deleted my 2008 pictures I had to dig through the archives and this is what I found. My little muffin had just turned 4 years old.

So since I was tagged must I carry on so I tag: Erica, Jodi,YD and Patrice

I thought I’d share several (many) other photos from my 2006 archive.

John’s first moose.
Annual photo shot up at the college.
An afternoon at the park after walking the rail trail
My sweet MM
Apple picking, we always make it to the orchard in the fall. I cannot wait until we have our own.
Fall harvest at our old house.

Leah performing

Camping up North
The kids annual birthday party
One of Leah’s all time favorite activities, painting.
Out in the boat

Yum, cinnamon rolls before school one morning.
Gotta love those pig tails. I am so happy she is growing her hair out again.

MM fishing, one of his favorite things to do.

Missing tooth and a lip laceration after chasing Momma and running into a door jam. That story is a post on it’s own. Trip to the ER, screaming, papoosed by mother, stitches = traumatized child.
Muffin with Aunt Mary
We had a big garden at our old house now we just have lots of big gardens. I’d say he’ll be a green thumb just like his daddy.

Mother’s Day Tea