Cabin Fever

Despite the cold Maine weather we still get out more than most. We have no choice, the animals need to be fed and their is always wood that needs to be brought in from the barn.
As I sit in the warm house I sometimes dread the thought of getting out but after I do I always feel refreshed. Staying cooped up all winter can make you nuts so when ever the opportunity arises we try to embrace the elements.

We took a ride outback with the kids in tow and tried to identify all the tracks that adorned our land. We came up with deer, squirell, fox, rabbit, coyote, and bobcat (maybe) tracks.

The kids ended the day with a pig ride.

In the last post there were some questions asking about moose meat. MM says there was approximately 400lbs of meat from that moose. What we didn’t give away lasted us until the following fall. It was a HUGE savings on our grocery bill and money was tight that year because John was in nursing school. The meat is also MUCH healthier for you compared to the feed lot cow meat that most people eat. In addition I am SURE the quality of this Moose’s life would not even compare to that store bought steak or hamburg. To describe moose meat I’d say it is lean and less gamey then deer. I actually prefer it over deer but the chances of getting into the moose lottery are slim. MM had applied for a permit for 20 years before getting one.

And to answer Joanna’s question, we ate every bit of that moose and shared some with friends and family. MM doesn’t just hunt for the sport of it, he hunts to put food on the table. We cherish that Moose’s life and let nothing go to waste. As a matter of fact, when we eat dinner every night my children thank God for whatever animal we may be eating for sacrificing it’s life in order to sustain our own. I know the photo can make you think otherwise but we honestly are not that type of people.