Sunday Stills Challenge –

Can you guess what this is?

This weeks photo challenge was close-ups/macros. I must admit, I s@#! at these! Although a couple weeks ago I did take a couple good ones of a white pine with icicles and barbed wire.

I use to blame it on my camera but now I know it is the user. I realized it after asking Nita at Trapper Creek what she had for a camera and realized that it was similar to what I use. She and her daughter take amazing pictures, especially macros.

Honestly, I have never messed with my camera’s settings until tonight. I went back to Ed’s post and sat down with my Kodak user manual and I figured out how to change the ISO setting but what is the F3:5? Regardless the above photo I used the tulip setting only. I will strive to get better at close-up photos in 09′. BTW, Ed thanks for hosting this photo challenge it has been a fun learning experience.

New Years Goals update:

After doing some more research we have decided not to go with the solar fencing. It is said to be less effective, shorts out easier in snowy conditions, and it is double the price. Electric will cost us maybe $10/mo on our bill. Our local grain dealer is letting me give him a little extra cash each time we go in and then by spring it will be paid off and ready to install.

Weight loss was also a goal for the new year. Since moving here on the farm I’ve gained 10lbs that I just could not shake plus the 10lbs post baby #2 that is now 6 years old so I bit the dust and joined weight watchers on-line (the momentum program) with my buddy Melissa.
A few years ago I would have said NEVER but things change and now that I am heading towards 40, it is much harder to keep the pounds off with just exercise. Week 1 I lost 3 lbs and Melissa lost 4. I can honestly say, it has not been too hard. It teaches you portion control and healthy eating habits. So for anyone looking to loose a few pounds by summer I encourage you to check this program out!

Lastly, MM is going to pick up trim boards tomorrow for the house. Today he painted a our hallway and I cleaned and organized cupboards. We are really pushing to get our indoor stuff done before Spring because we will have no time for that nor want to be in when the air is warm and the sun is shining.
Feels so good to be making progress!