It’s a piggy tail!

Heee, Heee….. that was fun! I need to do that again sometime.

To answer the question about weight watchers. It is not the pre-packaged items, I think that is Nutra-system or Jenny Craig. I could and would not do this because I am slowly trying to get away from the world of processed foods. WW basically counts calories but they convert them to points. For example I can eat 23 points a day and I have thirty something extra points a week. I can use them daily or for a splurge. Last week I saved them for chicken pad Thai and a blueberry dish I made and didn’t use all my extras up. This week I will splurge by eating our McCain sausage (that stuff is lots of points!) and I’ll bake something sweet. WW is sensible eating. Vegetables are basically no points, fruits are low points, lean meats, healthy snacking, high fiber. I really do not feel neglected. I can even eat Leah’s homemade egg bread that she has been obsessively cooking lately. One slice is 2 points. I learned quickly after the first day when I only had 4 points left for dinner to be smart about my points during the day so come supper I do not feel limited. We like to sit down and have a big meal together at night.
Throughout the day I log what I eat along with my activity, water consumption, etc.
By eating healthier I have learned to savor the flavor of the vegetables without being smothered in ranch dressing or butter. Enough about WW, it has not what I planned to ramble about tonight.

We set up a little baking cabinet for Leah this weekend. It is all stocked up with flour, sugar, salt, her little recipe basket and a few utensils. She was delighted by this.

No more posts until the weekend. MM and I are going to a local agricultural show tomorrow and then I am working for the rest of the week. In the morning I plan to attend a session about local co-ops and/or cheese making. We went last year and this is how we got involved in putting our lot into farm land for tax and preservation purposes. It cut our taxes in half and we set aside enough land for the kids to build on if they stick around.