Angie’s Gourd Bowls

Angie at Children in the Corn made these AWESOME gourd bowls and I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of this tutorial! She guest posted at Women Not Dabling. Check out her post here. I couldn’t resist and had to share this with the world and I wanted it in my archives as well so I could easily refer to it the fall. I CANNOT wait to grow and make these along with some of the birdhouses she made. What great Christmas presents!

MM has been doing some research on meat bunnies and he would like to get some in the spring. Here is a video we found tonight on how to butcher them if your interested in watching, much easier then butchering chickens.

It has been REAL cold in Maine and is suppose to drop to 40 below zero up in Aroostook County tonight…glad I am a ways from there!