Independence Days Challenge- Week 7

For the last year I have been reading Touch the Earth Farm and I enjoy all her posts but I was always entrigued by her Independence Days Challenge lists. Today as I was blog browsing I saw that My Freezer is Full is also doing this challenge and the lightbulb went on and I have decided to do it! I may not update weekly but I’ll try.

Here goes……….

Plant Something: As I posted before basil (which the cats have already destroyed), dill, cilantro, lettuce, cukes.

Harvest Something: eggs? and mung bean sprouts, alfalfa sprouts

Store Something: nothing unless making up my weekly jar of pickled eggs & making my monthly batch of laundry detergent counts.

Manage Reserves: Used up potatoes, squash, onions, and garlic from root cellar and from the freezer we took out and consumed chicken, deer hamburg and steak, pork chops & bacon, tomatoes, zuchhini, green beans, and corn on the cob, and bread flour.

Cook something new: I made an Angel Food cake that was “the bomb” per MM. If you have lots of eggs handy this is a great recipe to use them for and it is low in calories. I just used a recipe from Betty Crocker’s cook book.

Prep Something: I am prepping an area for a pantry and MM has been prepping lots of pine boards.

Reduce Wastes: I have FINALLY started to officially recycle and my plan is to get some reusable shopping bags and keep a stash of them in the car I drive most.

Learn a new skill: I have been learning to cook and eat healthier. I also continue to do the weekly photo challenge striving to be better behind the lens.

Work on communiy food security: I recenly attended a work shop on co-ops and I hope to get one started.

Regeneate what is lost: this is a tricky one and can be answered in many ways. My piggies are making lots of poo for a future garden plot…does that count? They are regenerating the earth to grow a bountiful crop.