25 things about me

Since I have been tagged several times on Face book I have finally decided to play along. I am a multi-purpose kinda gal so I figured I’d post here as well.

Here Goes…..
1. I am a recovering Catholic. I went to a french catholic private school for 7 years (too long) and I can barely recite my prayers nor can I parle vous francois.

2. I love the outdoors. No matter what the temperature is I am out in the elements tending the critters, bringing in wood, or out exploring the back forty which I do often.

3. My life revolves around my kids, they are my greatest accomplishment!

4. I am fortunate to have such an amazing husband!

5. I like being physically fit and I TRY to eat healthy.

6. I NEVER watch TV unless it is a movie. If it was up to me we would not have cable.

7. I am a bit of a computer junkie. My kids even say google it when I have a question about something.

8. I am addicted to diet Pepsi

9. I was a WILD child throughout high school into my early 20’s. (you know what they say about those catholic school girls)

10. I am proud that we raise/grow a lot of the food we eat. There is nothing like sitting down to a meal that was prepared from start to finish by the members of your family.

11. I am not nasty neat but not a slob. I like to start my day with a clean house and end it with a clean house but it is ok if it gets dirty in between. I am ok with clean laundry piles as long as the stack is not too big and as long as it is tucked in the corner a bit.

12. I HATE folding socks!

13. I am not materialistic. I do not get rid of things until they are worn out. I am ok with hand me downs.

14. I still have the old square Nokia cell phone.

15. I am hard on equipment. I love to mow the lawn, snowblow, rototill but 9 out of 10 times John has to repair them after I use them. I learned how to use a chain saw last year, scary thought ay!

16. I am LOW maintenance. (John may disagree)

17. I use little make up and it takes me 5 minutes to do my hair unless I try and fight these curls out with a straightener then I have to put my time in.

18. I am not a big shopper, I am most comfortable in a pair of jeans or yoga pants.

19. I am not much into jewelry although I do like funky earrings.

20. I rarely wear my wedding ring.

21. When I die I do not want the typical funeral service. I want to be cremated placed in a homemade wooden box, buried on my farm with an outdoor ceremony (pig roast would be cool) to celebrate my life.

22. I’ve never flown on a plane.

23. I have one brother but we were raised separately from the time I was 6 and he was 11.

24. He would be there for me through ANYTHING!

25. I am a conscientious person.