Gone Smelting

Last night 8 of us piled into the suburban and headed south to go smelting. The neighbors & John had been in previous years but the kids and I had not.
For those of you have not been…. it’s on the river, they have 2, 4 & 6 man shacks lined up. On each side of the shack there are holes (below) with multiple fishing lines hanging horizontally across a pole.

Yes the holes are big enough for a small child to fall into. Don’t think Momma didn’t warn the kids that they would be fish bait if they fell in.

We did not go out until 7pm because it goes according to high tide. John was functioning on 3 hours sleep, he had worked night shift Saturday. We had the shack until 1 am but we headed home around 10:30. Had the fish been biting we would have probably stayed later.

This is what you use for bait, blood worms. Nasty….and they bite. Initially I would not handle them until it was dissected . I know my cyber name is Country Girl but I admit I am spleeny about certain things .
Unfortunately the fish were not running. We only caught 6 fish. A couple smelts and a few cod (I think?). One man that came over to chat with us said he had caught 100 on Friday night.
Regardless, we still had a good time. The kids got all sugared up and went back and forth between our shack and our neighbors.
Then we ended our night with a brief photo shoot. Thanks for joining us neighbors, Maybe next time we’ll have better luck!