……..have a brother that is a carpenter (miracle worker). Just when he had it working on our century old home we went ahead and bought a 200 year old farmhouse.
If only I had taken more pictures (or could find them) when we bought this place you could appreciate the work that has been done.

The only picture I could find of the kitchen before we moved in is this…..

Isn’t that wall paper sweet? Most people would have taken one look at this place and RAN the OTHER WAY but NOT us. Thanks to John’s know how to fix anything and my brother’s fine carpentry skills, and my can do attitude we pulled it off!

I took this picture below of my kitchen windows when my brother, Steve started working out here last week hence the makings of a shelf below the sills. I should have take a shot of the whole room.
We have been here 2 years and I finally (not complaining) have trim work throughout my downstairs. We will progress to the upstairs eventually but we need to #1 save up more $ and #2 replace the windows #3 beg & bribe brother Stevie to return.

I have not had a great desire to decorate the house or put up curtains because everything has been so unfinished up until NOW……

DOESN’T IT LOOK AWESOME? Honestly, I am not a big decorator. I like it Plain and Simple. Easier to keep clean and clean around. I did not come into this relationship like that I have slowly become that way THANKS to Maine Man! I do not like lots on knick knacks although my Mom seems to think I do. I literally have garbage bags full of stuff she brings me. She COLLECTS and SAVES EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!! That could be a post (or blog for that matter) on it’s own. There is a store nearby that sells Primitive House Decor and I am thinking that may look nice in here, what do you think?
What should I do for window coverings? I had cheap plastic shades up in my windows before but now that they look SO pretty I want to spice it up!