Hare Today……Gone Tomorrow

Today MM picked up our 1st ever meat rabbits, New Zealand/Californian crosses. Interestingly they are not as available in Maine as we expected. We have 3 does and a buck. The does are 2 months old so we need to wait until the end of June before we can breed them. Their gestation period is approximately 1 month and rabbits are best to eat between 4-6lbs so we have a ways to go.

Any suggestions for a name for our buck?

Then we had a early delivery…

102 Khaki Campbell’s (egg laying ducks) Can you believe these little babies made it all the way from Pennsylvania in this box? No fatalities thus far. They are hardy birds! The kids have enjoyed having these little peeps in the wood stove room. So have the cats…

At all times there has been at least 1 cat standing guard. Just waiting for the kids to leave the cover open.

We will keep a dozen for ourselves and the rest are for sale. Any Mainers interested leave me a comment or you know my number!

P.S. Maine Man’s idea for the title…not mine!