1 Year of Blogging & Finding Balance

After we bought the farm I started doing some research on-line and came across many farming blogs. I thought to myself, “I can do that.” I LOVE taking pictures and could use the practice. I also noticed that many of my friends and co-workers were very inquisitive of our lifestyle so THAT IS HOW THIS BLOG BECAME. Over the last year I have learned SO much from other bloggers and I have enjoyed sharing our new adventure here on the homestead. In this year I have had a few blog friends sadly delete their blogs and disappear from cyberworld and I have had a few question if they should blog on. Although I have only been at it for a year, the two notions have never crossed my mind. I will admit it has taken me some time to find that balance. Like any hobby it can be consuming as you let it be. I happen to be a computer junkie and it is the base of everything I do from paying bills, reading the news, cooking, working with my pictures and blogging. Over time I have realized, I just can not keep up with all the wonderful blogs I want to read. I was up many nights past midnight trying to do that. Most I only check in on periodically and get caught up. I have learned , I cannot post x amount of times a week. I post when I can. I never stress about the topic of my next post. Something always comes to me and I post when time allows. I have received many awards in this last year and I GREATLY appreciate. I have since decided that as I often lack time I will not accept (other than a BIG THANK YOU) or pass them along. (Because frankly YOU ALL DESERVE them) Instead from time to time I will take a moment to recognize some of my great blogging friends.

With that said thanks for following our journey for the last year. I appreciate all of my readers and I am always thrilled when I read my comments! BLOG ON!

I will end with some random recognition to a few blogs I follow.

2 nights ago as I was catching up on a few blogs as I discovered that Sallie @ A homestead Heart lost her husband of 30 years, my heart goes out to her.

I have followed Nie Nie’s blog since just after her plane crash in which she and her husband were severely burned and the pilot passed. She is a young mother of 4. It has been a humbling experience to read her post.

On a lighter note my buddy from nursing school, City Girl just started a blog. I encourage you to go check it out!

And that is it for now folks. Off to do some MUCH needed domestic duties and then take some ducklings on a field trip to Leah’s classroom.

What is wrong with this picture?