Sweet Dreams

Last weeks theme for Sunday Stills was water. I took a few pictures of the water holes on the farm and here you have it, 2 frozen ponds. I never posted the pictures because I thought they were lame compared to the other excitement we had last weekend. We can not wait until they thaw! This weeks photo challenge theme is lines and I took several different photos keeping that in mind. However, my battery is dead or I broke my camera when I dropped it on the stairs tonight. So I had to dig into my archives because my OCD will not allow me to post without a picture . I am unable to download my pictures from the weekend and my camera is making one funny sound. Maine Man is going to KILL me! He’s going to think it was an intentional act because he knows I’m itching for a new camera. Can you imagine that me, Country Girl would do such a thing? Hee, hee….here I come e-bay! No really, I am a little sad because I had pictures to share for the challenge and pictures of our weekend including the makings of the BEST maple syrup you’ve ever tasted and I cannot tell the story without pictures.

The top picture is the pond right beside the house. This is where our 10 little duckies will reside. MM plans to make them a floating house so that they can stay clear of predators.
The bottom picture is of the pond behind the barn. This is where the kids spend most of their time frogging and trapping crayfish.
I am off to read one of the 3 books I have going (told you I have ADD)
I am currently reading :
A Small Farm in Maine by Terry Silber which is at the moment is my favorite because I am able to relate to the story in many ways.
In defense of Food by Michael Pollan. It is a good book but it has not kept my attention compared to the last book I read by him, Omnivore’s Dilemma
The Power of Play by David Elkind is about how spontaneous, imaginative activities lead to happier, healthier children.
What are you reading? I’d LOVE to HEAR!!! C’ mon ladies and Gents! Plus when I ever finish these books….June (I’m a slow read for lack of time and pure exhaustion most days) I will be looking for a good read.
Posts to come (as soon as my camera dilemma has resolved): Maple Syrup Sunday, Black Sheep (ha, not what your thinking), and a belated photo challenge.