Simple Pleasures

Nothing makes me happier than taking a peak out at the kids and seeing this!
We are lucky they get along 90% of the time.

And they truly enjoy each others company.
They are best friends!

We are fortunate to have been blessed with these little munchkins!

We have lots of greens sprouting and are waiting to hear back about the greenhouse we are interested in buying. Today we went on a field trip to check it out. After things are more definite I will post some of pictures that I took today.
The chickens have been free ranging and will do so until we start to plant the garden. Then they will be confined to their outdoor pens until fall. They are WAY to destructive in the gardens. We learned that quickly last year. We have some new additions here. In the last couple weeks we purchased 28 layers (RR reds), 40 meat birds (Cornish x rocks) and today we borrowed a boar to breed our 2 sows and we bought a barrow (castrated male pig). Tomorrow we will be getting several turkeys and Maine Man has Muscovy ducks in the near future.
We’ve had LOTS of company since the weather has warmed, usually daily. MM often jokes that people think we are a side show. (I am sure our neighbors think that!) Actually we have had lots of positive feedback and people have showed much interest in our lifestyle.

It has been a great experience for us and the kids!

P.S Did I mention I want cows too?