I tossed and turned throughout the night knowing that at 5 am Maine Man would awaken and prepare to take the life of one of the pigs. A few minutes ago at 6 am I laid in bed wide awake as I heard the fatal shot. My heart started to beat faster and a few tears came down my face. I am saddened that the pig has lost it’s life in order to sustain ours. I also have an extreme sense of guilt knowing that MM is out there doing this dreaded deed by himself. Would I have felt that way had a went to the market to buy some pork chops? No way, and chances are our farm raised pig had a much better life. Sometimes people ask, “how do you do it?” Well, even though I am not the trigger man, it is not easy. I am thankful that we have MM who is able to do the task and is skilled at butchering .

On a lighter note we will be getting a greenhouse. It is the one in the previous post second picture down. It is 92′ long. It will extend our growing season on both sides, provide a good place to start seedlings, and a great hen house in the winter. Off to wake the children for school.
Good day all!