Do you notice anything missing?

Leah lost a tooth!

My Family by Leah

I love my family they are nis to me and asum to me. I love them. I like playing with my bruth . I love him and my mom and my dad the love me to. My dad taks me ies fishing . I like him. My bruth likes me a lot. Dad and my mom love me a lot I love them a lot to. They tak car of me and my dogs. they bey me food. I love them so mach. I have 3 cats and 2 dogs and 1 preket his nam is pet the parcet. I love my anmul so much and I have ducks and 4 pigs but we dot have any coms but I wit one. But now I have 4 pigs ones neme is pugi she is nice to avre one. She is the godst pig in the who wid wrld. I like her alot. She loves me a lot to. I love my pigs and we have a fat pig it’s rilley fat. About the author. Hi my name is leah I am 6 years old. I like swimming a lot.

(This was something she came home from school with too cute not to post)